Indu English School Kolvihire

Welcome to Indu English School, Kolvihire (Jejuri-Morgaon Road), Pune. We hope that your fact-finding mission about our school ends with a strong sense of Indu English  School’s warmth, our accomplished and dedicated faculty, and our commitment to providing students the attention needed for them to actively engage in their own learning.

Our Vision

Education should be the biggest and best adventure in child’s life”

Indu English school, an educational secondary school founded by Dr. Ramdas Subhash Kute, is amongst the best equipped school in Jejuri.

Its architectural design and its wide range of facilities, not only help the students attain their fullest academic potential, but also poses challenges to them in the equally rich fields of physical, cultural, and artistic endeavors.

Based on the belief that the most fundamental value of a liberal education is that it makes life interesting.”

Our education is committed to nurturing the children to develop to their full potential so that they are well equipped to face the challenges in the future, with confidence, grit, and determination.